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Life in the Netherlands, although great, isn’t always that cheap – those big-city rents and property prices, right? The process of even getting a house in the Netherlands can be a bit much, getting your documents in order, looking and bidding on house dreamhouse. Most of the time you also have a lot of other things going on, besides arranging your housing. We know just how hectic life can be, especially when juggling work and family with house-hunting, sometimes even while still living abroad.

That’s why we’ve made helping you find the right mortgage as convenient and affordable as possible so that buying a house in the Netherlands will be a bit easier for you. And it’s all in plain English.

Six steps to get your mortgage

As an independent mortgage advisor our goal is to find the mortgage provider and mortgage that fits your needs. To find out what you are looking for in a mortgage in the Netherlands we’ve divided the process of getting a mortgage in six easy steps. In this way we try to make the process of getting a mortgage and eventually buying a house as easy and clean as possible. It doesn't matter if it’s your first time getting a mortgage in the Netherlands or that you want a new mortgage. We guide you through the entire process online.

  1. Create your account: Create an account on mydutchmortgage.online (click on link https://mydutchmortgage.online/get-started)
  2. Enter your details: Before we can help you properly with buying your house in the Netherlands, we need a bit more information about you and your situation
  3. Talk to our advisor: When we get all the information we'll schedule a call with you and one of our advisors. They probably have a few more questions with you, and together you will look at the different possibilities. You can then make a good, well informed decision voor your mortgage
  4. Upload your paperwork: Before getting a mortgage by a mortgage lender, they need some paperwork from you (copy of your savings, proof of income, etc)
  5. Wait for your approval: in this period the mortgage lender will check your documents and will decide if you will get the mortgage you applied for
  6. Celebrate: When your mortgage gets approved it's time to celebrate

Did we mention it’s a no mortgage, no fee deal?

Seriously? Yes, you only pay our low, fixed fee of €2,150 once we’ve helped you secure your mortgage.

Don’t just take our word for it

Here is one of our satisfied customers talking about our simple, secure, self-service mortgage applications.

Get started with the six-step process to buying your dream home or book a date and time for a quick, initial call with one of our advisers.