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Online Dutch Mortgages for Expats
  • simple
  • secure
  • self-service
Self-service Dutch Mortgages in English
Self-service Dutch Mortgages in English
  • simple
  • secure
  • self-service
Self-service Dutch Mortgages in English
Self-service Dutch Mortgages in English


Tailor-made to help you

Life in the Netherlands, although great, isn’t always that cheap – those big-city rents and property prices, right? What’s more, we know just how hectic life can be, especially when juggling work and family with house-hunting.

That’s why we’ve made helping you find the right mortgage as convenient and affordable as possible. And it’s all in plain English.

Six steps

We guide you through the entire process online in six, simple steps.

Did we mention it’s a no mortgage, no fee deal?

Seriously? Yes, you only pay our low, fixed fee of €2,150 once we’ve helped you secure your mortgage.

Don’t just take our word for it

Here is one of our satisfied customers talking about our simple, secure, self-service mortgage applications.

Get started with the six-step process to buying your dream home or book a date and time for a quick, initial call with one of our advisers.

Self-service Dutch Mortgages in English


Only the best and most reliable mortgage lenders

We’re independent, which means we’re free to work with only the best and most reliable mortgage lenders in the Netherlands. We know where to go to find you the sharpest deal possible.

Munt Hypotheken Dutch Mortgage Online Munt Hypotheken
Tulp Hypotheken Dutch Mortgage Online Tulp Hypotheken
Florius Dutch Mortgage Online Florius
Hypotrust Dutch Mortgage Online Hypotrust
ABN AMRO Dutch Mortgage Online ABN AMRO
BLG Dutch Mortgage Online BLG Wonen
ING Bank Dutch Mortgage Online ING
NIBC Bank Dutch Mortgage Online NIBC
Lloyds Bank Dutch Mortgage Online Lloyds Bank
Nationale Nederlanden Dutch Mortgage Online Nationale Nederlanden
Obvion Dutch Mortgage Online Obvion


Let’s get your questions answered

We’ve grouped questions by category to speed up your search.

A:Yes. Provided you are internet savvy, is perfect for first time buyers.
A:No. is completely independent, allowing us to find the best possible mortgage for you from the widest choice of mortgage providers.
A: You will need a variety of documents, depending on your individual situation, and some of them may be in Dutch.
The list includes:
  • Employers statement - werkgeversverklaring, which outlines the terms of your employment contract
  • Salary slip - showing your gross and net salary Copy of your passport and residency permit Recent bank statements
  • Valuation report
  • Proof of any additional assets
  • Additional documents which may be required by the mortgage lender
Self-service Dutch Mortgages in English